Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Monday, February 26, 2007

Ok So tomorrow turned into about 2 days later.. oh well not much to write about anyway.

The baby goes tomorrow to a dermatologist to take a look at this bump on his chest. It's been there since he was born but over the last few months it's grown and changed shape and color and being that I'm in school for nursing my first thoughts wandered to cancer and when I mentioned it to the doctor at his WBV she said that she would like a dermatologist to check it out. So we head to St. Augustine tomorrow. YeeHaw. Maybe if the kiddo is in a good mood we can stop at the outlet mall and walk around. Wouldn't that be nice.

Speaking of walking.. the kid is into everything! He has now mastered the art of walking and has moved on to the much harder task of running (which he can do for 2.5 seconds before falling face first into the ground). It's so sweet to watch him. I love this age. Well most of it. He is going through MAJOR MAJOR seperation anxiety. Doug drops him off in the mornings and he screams as soon as the teacher takes him. Its short lived but he hates it. Then he has been giving us a rough time at bed time lately which I think has a large part of seperation anxiety as the cause. Although he went to bed tonight at 7pm with no fight.

Today was his first day in the Toddler Room at the daycare. He did so good. He is taking naps on a cot now and goes outside twice a day when the weather permits to play on the playground. Sit in a real chair at a little table and eats off a plate. My little big boy! *sniff*

School is going well. I have 5 1/2 months left. I have a midterm tomorrow in Musculoskeletal and then a final on Friday in Human Growth and a Final in Musculoskeletal on Tuesday. Wednesday we enter our 4th semester (there are 5 total). I found out on Friday that my GPA right now is 3.75. YAY. Things are going good. Almost done. Can't wait.

OK well it's 9:30 I need to head to bed. 6am comes early.