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Cheli On Saturday, September 2, 2006

OK so it's been a while again.. things have been very busy around here the last few weeks..

We finished 102 in school and I ended up with a 90% in the class.. but 5 people didn't pass the class and were removed from the program.. that's rather scary.. 5 people out of 30.. we're down to 25 people. We started 103 right after that one and we are about a week or so into it. I'm doing pretty well but this is the class that scares me, it's all of the procedures that they teach you as a CNA.. it's the basics you ahve to know before you can start clinicals. After I finished the CNA training back in 2002 I took the test and passed the written with no problem.. the practicum was what I failed.. I don't want to fail this time around.. this is SO important.. Ughhhh pressure!!! We went to a Hospice center on Friday.. I have to write an essay on it and pallative care this weekend and turn it in on Tuesday when we go back. Not a big deal.

Doug started work on Monday. He likes it well enough :) He has Monday off too but it's PAID! YAY!!!! He'll get his first paycheck on the 15th and we will be able to start getting caught up on bills finally YAY!!!! I'm so proud of him for getting the Comcast job.. and I know he's looking forward to the benefits :) It's been hectic trying to fall into a routine of whoe goes where and when but I think we finally got it!

The baby started daycare on Monday.. last Friday he got sick.. Saturday he had a 102 fever and was really lethargic.. found out he's got an ear infection so he's on antibiotics for it and doing much better. He LOVES the daycare which is good. We've been having a few minor snags with the daycare but nothing major..

Anyway we aren't really doing anything this weekend other than spending time together and relaxing but I thought I would write and update while I have a chance... .who can believe it's September already!