Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Tuesday, September 5, 2006
Yesterday was less than fun... I woke up feeling wonderful.. cleaned the house a bit so we wouldn't have to worry about it this week and then noticed that I had a sharp pain in my abdomen.. kept watching it through out the day and it kept getting worse.. About 2 it got to the point that it was hard for me to inhale because it hurt to breathe so we decided we needed to get me checked out by the doctor to make sure it wasn't something like my appendix. So up to Baptist hospital we go.. Get there about 4 or so and it takes forever to get back and get seen. First they did a urinalysis and then blood work and said my white blood count was a little high which means a slight infection but nothing too much to worry about.. decided to do an ultrasound to see if maybe I had gallstones.. that came back clear. They decided then that they can give me some pain meds and decided to give me Morphine.. I was still hurting afterward.. but I was nice and zoned LOL So they decided to do a CT scan.. which means I had to drink the Barium Sulfate.. for those who have never drank this stuff.. BE VERY GLAD.. it taste like chalky mint banana (they flavor the crap with banana to supposedly make it taste better and then call it a smoothie @@) I had to drink 26 oz of the shit in 2 hours.. I drink most of the second one and then told the nursing I couldn't drink anymore or I'd puke.. he said I didn't have to. CT Scan came back clear.. he was about to discharge me and decided to run another test.. a blood gas test which involves drawing blood straight from an artery.. oh the fun. It too came back clear.. then the doctor decides he wants to admit me for observation because he has no clue what's wrong with me. I refused and signed myself out AMA came home about 4am and took an 800mg of IBProfin and then crashed and slept until 9am got up and basically slept most of the day until we went to get the baby.. I feel much better although I still hurt some. *sigh*