Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Monday, March 29, 2010

April 8th at 8am I will be taking my NCLEX-RN.


In other news.. I'm 14 weeks today. And I am already showing quite well... (please excuse the mess that is my bedroom.. I have not had the energy to put away the laundry)
We decided this past weekend that it was time to cut River's hair. He's only had 3 hair cuts in his life. The first was at 2 when we trimmed his hair to keep it out of his eyes and get the fly aways tamed. The 2nd was right before he turned 3 when he got lice from somewhere. We shaved his head that time. This time he is 4 years 2 months and we decided of our choice to shave his head. He hasn't been wanting us to brush it or wash it and he was looking raggedy so off it came. It will grow back quickly I'm sure and it will keep him cooler during Florida summers. (I'm trying to add pictures of the cut but blogger is being stupid)

Both boys are sick. They have strep throat. Awesome. They've been on antibiotics for about 3 days now and River is feeling a lot better but Journey still sounds pretty rough and isn't having very good nights right now. Other than being sick though Journey is starting to talk a lot more which is great. He tried to imitate a lot of the sounds and words we make which is a great start.