Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Monday, March 22, 2010
The big news for this update???


And with the 2nd trimester has come the freedom from the nausea (for the most part) and a bit more energy, which I am VERY thankful for. I still get nauseated if I go too long with out eating and have a bit of nausea first thing in the morning but it's short lived.

OK on to the boys.

River has been having some behavior issues with school. Acting up. Not listening. Back talking. He's been having behavior problems at home. So we talked with his pediatrician about it and (surprise surprise) she thinks ADHD. So we are taking him to Clay Behavioral for evaluation and a 2nd opinion. His appointment is tomorrow. He wont' be put on any medication even if he does have ADHD for at least a few years as it's not recommended for a child under age 6. So hopefully they'll be able to give us some techniques or some direction on how to help him calm down and focus. Other than his behavior, he's doing amazingly well. He loves school, loves learning. He is fully potty trained during the day, the night time is still a ways off as he sleeps so heavy but that's okay.

Journey is growing well and doing good. We are officially done with his Synagis injections. For those who dont' remember/ know what they are for... they are injections he gets every 28 days for RSV prevention. He gets them from October through April both last year and this year. But now that he is 2 he is out of the "danger age" for RSV and no longer has to get them. He is still getting speech therapy once a week and although we've seen an improvement he is still way behind on his expressive speech ( his talking) but he's ahead in his receptive (understand and comprehension of what's said). So who knows. He is so smart though, he knows 1/2 of his letters by sight, can recognized numbers up to 10, knows some of his shapes, and some of his colors. he know tons of animals and the sounds they make. He is such a love bug still and I LOVE it.

Our problem with him recently has been night time. He goes to bed easily but then an hour or 2 later he wakes up crying and about an hour after that he wakes up again and can't be consoled back to sleep. Doug has taken to sleeping on the couch with him so that he doesn't wake River (they are sharing a room now in preparation of needing the extra room for the babies) or I (he tends to want to play when he comes to bed with me). And we really need to break him of the habit but neither of us is willing to let him cry it out. Hopefully it's fixed before the babies come though.

So that's our update for now :)