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Cheli On Wednesday, July 22, 2009
I am really hoping to have some pictures of River to share with in the next few days. Getting any good shots of him is SO hard as he's never still and when we do manage to get him to sit still, he closes his eyes when we get his picture. But meanwhile... Here are a few of Journey.

This picture is Journey in one of his new 18 month jammies. They are still a bit big on him and he get caught up in the footies when he walks but the 12 months won't fit him much longer in the length so he's in the weird in between size.

Look at those beautiful baby blues!!!

As many of you know, we have had major issues as of lately with Journey getting some pretty nasty diaper rashes. This only started when we put him in disposables. It didn't matter how often we changed him or anything else so it occured to me that perhaps he's sensitive to the disposable diapers themselves. So a friend (thank you Stacey) suggested I try the same diapering system that she uses for her daughter K. These are g-diapers and inside are some prefolds (think the old style cloth diapers that many people use as burp cloth) so the whole system is completely reuseable which means 1) no more diaper trash and 2) hopefully no more diaper costs.. YAY Another really cool feature is they fasten in the back so my little nudist can't get out of them easily :)

"Hello... what's that??? You think she needs to shop taking pictures of me too??"

In other news... Journey and River will BOTH be starting school on August 24th. River will be starting preschool and Journey will be starting 3 hour days (9am until Noon) at The Lighthouse Learning Center. For those of you who can't get to the website right now.. it's a preschool for children with special needs. And best of all, because Journey is enrolled in Early Steps it is completely paid for. His therapists both see clients there so they will both be able to see Journey while he is at school and it will give Journey a chance to socialize with other children and adults. They have an RN on staff at all times and they base the ciriculum around each kiddo. And they'll work with his cloth diapers :) WOOOT.

River has been doing phenomonal with his pottying. He very rarely has accidents during the day and usually only when mommy and daddy forget to remind him to go. So it looks like he should be potty trained for school next month. YAY! He has been doing great with his therapy sessions and seems like our biggest issue lately is just normal 3 year old things like back talking, not listening.. which don't get me wrong, it's HIGHLY annoying.

School is going okay. The semester is proving to be a lot more time to consuming then I thought. I'm exhausted even after a night's rest but I'll get through it. (I hope). 7 months to go...


Karen said...

He's getting so big!! Too cute! School sounds like it will be great for both River and Journey! I love the Kissy pic for your blog header!