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Cheli On Wednesday, July 8, 2009
Are you an organ donor?
Is it listed on your driver's license that in the event something should happen to you, you want your organs donated to someone else? GREAT!
Does your family and loved ones know of your wishes? Will they honor them if/when the time comes? MAKE SURE THEY WILL!

I am a registered organ donor and have been since I was legally old enough to drive. Although I knew the importance of being a donor for those who need organs, it never really affected me in my life and I never really thought much about it. Then about 2 years ago when I got pregnant with Journey I met a girl who was due almost the same day as I was. Jessica. We talked through e-mail and on message boards with frequency and grew to be friends. In February 2008 I gave birth to Journey and she gave birth to her beautiful little man, Logan. We both relished in our beautiful brand new little boys and enjoyed being new moms together. She was there for me when Journey was diagnosed with his heart problems (and has been there for me during all of Journey's subsequent issues) and when Logan was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease last year Jess was thrown for a loop and had to learn a whole new way of life to accomadate his special needs. A life of labs, dialysis, feeding pumps, medications, and the ever looming transplant.

Logan will be activated on the UNOS waiting list on July 28th, where he will join approximately 80,000 other people waiting for a kidney. He such a beautiful little boy with such a fighters spirit. His story and his life have taught me SO much about being thankful what I have, the importance of organ donation, and the importance of making sure people are aware of the the need for donors. After his transplant Logan will have to take antirejection drugs for the rest of his life. He'll eventually need another kidney transplant (about 10-15 years from now and every 10 to 15 years after) so his medical bills will be a long time coming. And I intend to do everything I can to raise awareness about the need for organ donation to make sure that Logan is able to get his kidney whenever he needs it.

For me, THIS is the face of organ donation... THIS is the face for end stage renal disease.. THIS is why it's so important for people to sign up for donation.

If you aren't a donor and would like more information on becoming a donor, please feel free to comment and I will make sure you have all the information you need. If you have any other questions etc.. feel free to message me or leave comments! And please spread the word about Logan's story and the importance of being a donor to your friends,family, and anyone else you know!