Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Friday, March 14, 2008
Hmmm I guess this is turning into a routine of once a week updates LOL.

Journey is 4 weeks old today. He'll be a month old tomorrow. It's flown by. Sleep deprivation and 2 kids really makes time fly. LOL I fall more in love with this little boy every day he's here. He is beautiful and precious and the perfect addition to our family. We are trying to teach him that he doesn't need to be held 24/7, that is okay to be put down for short periods of time so mommy can regain feeling in her arm but he highly disagrees with that whole scenario and mommy can't stand to listen to him cry so it's an epic battle of wills in which I'm losing miserably. He is wearing disposables at the moment because the cloth diapers are giving him a major diaper rash. I don't know if it's a sensitivity to a certain fabric, the detergent (I don't think it's this one), or what but we're trying to figure it out. My plans today include striping all the diapers and hoping that that works. I think we might need to get some more fitted diapers for him and change him every hour instead of every 1 1/2-2 hours. BLAH we're allready doing a TON of laundry. I forgot one little person could produce so much laundry. Breastfeeding is going great. It appears that Journey does not share River's allergy to milk protein as I haven't had to alter my diet much. I did lower my intake of dairy just incase but I'm still eating some and it doesn't seem to be affecting him in the least. YAY! He is a very strong little boy, he has great head control considering he's only 4 weeks and has learned how to get up on his side when he's placed on his belly so I don't think it's going to be much longer before he learns to roll over. It'd be alot quicker if he'd let us give him tummy time more often.

River is doing okay. I thought we were going to skip the whole jealousy thing but within the last week it's definately shown up with a vengence. He loves Journey though, won't hurt him or anything but he doesn't like the attention that we have to give to Journey and will try and demand our attention away from the baby by acting up. We've had to do alot of time outs recently which SUCKS but I think slowly he's learning that the rules still apply and that we're not going to allow him to behave like that. Each day is getting a little better. There are less fits, less whining, less acting out. We'll get there. He is so unbelievably smart it scares me.
  • He can count to 4 now and really like saying 8 and 10 but the other numbers confuse him.
  • Every morning when he's getting dressed and we help with his shirt,when it goes over his head he goes "Wee-ver" (River) as in "where's River" it's so cute in little voice
  • His vocabulary has exploded recently. I can't even keep up with how many new words he knows. He's becoming easier and easier to understand and has learned to talk in short sentences
  • He has an uncanny obsession with cars. And will point out every car he sees when we are out.
  • The other day he was watching a sign language video for kids. They signed the word "more" and then the next word was "cookie" so he runs to me and says "Momma, cookie!" and signed more. I was shocked. I showed him "more" and said the word and he seemed to understand. He got a cookie anyway LOL
  • He's trying to open doors on his own but can't quite figure out the mechanics of turning and pulling at the same time. We've taken to locking the front door whenever we are in the house with dead bolt because he won't have the strength for a long while to reach it
There was more i wanted to update but the baby is waking up to eat so I'll have to update more later.. stay tuned for some pictures.