Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Friday, February 22, 2008
It's been 1 week since Journey was born... already. WOW. This week has flown by and I know it's just the beginning of time moving even more quickly. This week has been filled with appointments, new experiences, and loss of sleep. *yawn*

First of all, we went to the doctor last Friday for a version (they were going to try and turn the baby). Before they could turn him though they needed to do a NST strip to make sure that he wasn't already stressed out or anything. Come to find out, he was kinda blah on the strip. They call it "non reactive" basically his heart rate was perfectly fine but there weren't alot of accelerations in it like there should be and when I had a good contraction on the strip Journey's heart rate decelerated from the 120s to the 90s and didn't come back up until the contraction was over. So they moved me from the version room into a triage room and watched me on monitors for an hour, said the doctor would be at the end of the hour to talk about my options. After an hour the doctor came in and basically said what we knew was going to come... there was NO way they were going to do the version because Journey was already showing signs of stress. She said I could go home and wait until my water broke and I went into labor and then come back and have the c-section then or we could go ahead and do the c-section that evening. Doug and I talked it over and neither one of us felt comfortable going home when he was having decelerations so we decided to go ahead and go through with the c-section. That was at 3pm on Friday. At 5:30 or so I was wheeled back to the operating room and at 6:15pm Journey was born :)

Due to not going through the birthing canal he had a ton of fluid in his lungs and needed some vigorous rubbing and a lot of suctioning to get his lungs clear enough but then he SCREAMED. It was so wonderful to hear that sound.. River never screamed because he had been too weak at birth so it was wonderful. Journey never left the room the entire hospital stay, he was with us constantly. We had a bumpy start with breastfeeding because he had no suck reflex from being born at 37 weeks and he was/is very impatient and didn't want to wait for my milk to come in but we are doing wonderful at it now.

At his newborn assessment it was discovered that he has a very prominant heart murmur. They were hoping that it would go away before we left the hospital as sometimes they do but Journey's wouldn't go away. So they referred us to a pediatric cardiologist where he was got an EKG, chest x-ray and echocardiogram done of his heart. It was diagnosed as a pulmonary valve stenosis. Luckily the doctor says it doesn't need treatment and may never actually need any kind of treatment as many times kids out grow it and it corrects itself as they grow.. we're hoping this is Journey's case. If it gets worse though they will have to put a catheter into his heart and blow a balloon up in the valve to push it open and help it "unstick". He goes back March 20th for another echo to keep an eye on it. He also lost 10% of his body weight after birth so my little guy now weighs 6 lbs 6 oz according to the scale when we left the hospital. He had a bit of jaundice but didn't need any help with it just nursing and skin to skin contact.

River is doing remarkably well with Journey. The evenings get a bit rough because he wants us all to himself and Journey needs us and of course the one holding the baby is the one River wants. *sigh* But he is very gentle with Journey, stroking his head softly and saying "nice baby" and he looks for him first thing upon waking in the morning.

So far I am loving being the mom of 2 boys. I hope I'm able to continue to love it LOL Now it's taken me about 2 hours to write this post so here are some pictures and then I'm going to bed for a few hours...

Journey showing off one of his cloth diapers

Doug enjoying a cuddle moment with both his boys.

All snuggled up in the bouncy seat.