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Cheli On Sunday, January 14, 2007

If you give a River a cookie.....

today 010

He will paint the living room carpet and the couch in the crumbs....

We gave River some animal crackers in a bowl in the living room as a treat because he was in a bad mood yesterday afternoon.. I KNEW it was a bad idea but oh well.. he had a fun time and that's what was important. Nothing a little vaccuming and a little warm water for the couch couldn't cure.

River had a follow up appointment with the ENT on Friday. She said his ears are ALL CLEAR! But she said that his difficulty breathing and his coughing was because he now has a sinus infection *rolls eyes* She told us to put a call into the pediatrician and see if they wanted him to be seen there or at least get an antibiotic for him. So I called the pediatrician and they prescribed Zythromax for him. He's on it for 5 days and then off for 5 and then back on it for 5. Hopefully it kicks it once and for all.

He has been a super good big boy on eating table food. Today he had eggs yolks for the first time and he also had some cut up pieces of mango and papaya which he LOVED. He's doing so good with eating real foods *most of the time* our next hurtle is the bottle. He is NOT interested in the sippie cup at all. Oh well, no rush. It won't be the end of the world if he's on the bottle past his first birthday.

No school tomorrow and no daycare tomorrow but Doug has to work so it'll be just baby and me tomorrow. Here's hoping he's in a good mood.