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Cheli On Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hey All,

It's been a while. I'm tired. So I don't know how long this entry will be but I felt that I should update before it got to be too much stuff to update about.

School is going good. I just completed my second rotation of clinicals. Am getting to do alot more now. Pass meds, give injections, document on offical paperwork, insert NG tubes, all sorts of cool stuff. :) But it's tiring as HELL!!!! Tomorrow I have a final in Med Surg THANK THE GODS. That was a 7 week class and it was a bitch. We still have the same instructor for another class though but luckily there are only 8 days of actual theory for that class. UGHH that's going to be a bitch. From what everyone says the next class "Integumentary" is that instructors favorite subject so she is really anal about it blah blah blah.. she is already overly anal as it is.

Doug and I's 1 year anniversary was Friday. He took me to The Fondue House for dinner. It was a 2 1/2 hour affair but it was AWESOME! It was my first time trying Fondue and I can't wait to go ago. We were going to go to a movie afterward but I was exaughsted and stuffed so we came home and just relaxed which was just as nice too :) It was so romantic, he made the reservations 2 weeks ago and managed to keep it a surprise until we pulled up. I did know we were going there but I had figured it out on my own :)

River had to go to the doctor last Tuesday because his cough wasn't getting any better. She says he had another ear infection and put him on an antibiotic to clear that up. She also listened to the cough and his lungs and put him on a nebulizer for a week with Albuterol. She says he MIGHT have asthma :( I hope not :( He is officially 9 months old now and He goes back tomorrow afternoon for his 9 month Well Baby so I will update again tomorrow with all the good stuff and what she says and all that.

Doug and I are finally caught up in bills for the most part. I think we have one more outstanding bill and the rest are caught up and paid and all that. YAY!!!! Doug has been working at Comcast for 2 1/2 months now. YAY!!!! Anyway. I need to go shower and get ready for tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing good.

I 'll leave you with a couple pictures of the munchkin from last week.