Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Friday, July 16, 2010
I am 29 weeks 4 days today.

OB appt-- He's bumped me to weeklies now which I figured was coming. We talked about my blood sugars and he is going to start me on Diabeta to try and help the sugars that are crazy while avoiding insulin. If I decide I'd rather just forget the pill and do the insulin he'll do that too. I'm measuring 35/36 weeks currently. He was a little surprised at how swollen my feet are and told me to keep them up as much as possible but my BP is good so we'll just keep watching. I go back on the 26th.

Peri Appt-- Again they commented on the swollen feet and legs. As far as the girls.. there is something weird going on with Kaeda's doppler flow. Where the umbilical cord inserts into her belly the flow is elevated meaning that it's meeting resistance. They said that's not a common finding and especially not coupled with the rest of her cord looking good. They've actually never seen it before. LOL They said her fluid levels are also a little elevated but not excessively so but enough to notate. Other than that she said Kaeda apparently hasn't gotten the memo that something is up with her cord because she active, growing, and looks great. In fact she was practice breathing A TON on screen However because of the increased risk of IUGR and the risks of oxygen issues they want to monitor us even more closely. So I will see them next Tuesday and again next Friday and we'll re-evaluate then. We're basically trying to buy time to get them further along but it's looking more and more like delivery day is going to be in August.