Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Saturday, September 26, 2009
WOW so it's been over a month since I updated. Every time I sit down to make an actual update something comes up that pulls me away from the computer and the entry never gets written, so here I sit determined to write an update today.

Tuesday (the 22nd) was the end of my 4th semester of school. I finished the term with 2 A's and a B :( Which means I no longer have a 4.0 but that's okay, I'm doing the best I can so it's good enough. Semester 5 starts on Monday. On the agenda for this semester is Med Surg 2, Community Health, and Mental Health. This semester runs through December 9th and then I'll be in my last semester of nursing school. In fact, today marks less than 5 months until graduation date. Hard to believe it's almost over. With the start of the new semester is the start of my diet. I fell off the wagon at the start of last term with the stress of the semester and just wasn't able to get myself back on the wagon. Needless to say, the scale wasn't very favorable to me and it's totally my fault but it's time to get back with it and get the pounds off (again).

River has been in school for over a month now and he LOVES it. He's so smart. The goals that the school has for the 3 year olds to know by the end of the year, he already accomplished at the start of the year so they are continuing to work with him to further his education. He's learning letter sounds, sight words, and how to spell his name. He is amazing. He is potty trained fully during the day now. He's in " big boy underwear" from the time he gets up in the morning until the time he goes to bed. We still have him in a pull-up at night because he sleeps too soundly to wake up to go right now. He is still in both OT and Speech but it's looking like only another month or so before they will be able to release him from therapy. He's been doing great. We still have our good days and our bad days but with the start of school and the routine it brings, his behavior has significantly improved. THANK GOD

Journey has been loving being home with daddy, we had originally planned to start him in daycare the day that River started pre-school but mommy bulked and kept him home instead. However, we've decided that he really does need the seperation time from us so starting Monday he'll be going to daycare from 9 until 12 Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. We may decide to step it up to full weeks once he is comfortable going there and we can also do extended care which would give Doug the time to get a job which would be SOOO nice. He went to an audiologist appointment this week and was NOT impressed with the preecedings at all. He cooperated for a bit and then he was just over it and would not follow the commands anymore, so technically he failed his hearing test. We go back October 23rd to see them again and try a retest. He also saw the ENT the same day and we've decided not to schedule tube surgery yet, we want to wait and see how he does with the coming winter months, see if the ear infections start back up. We are to go back in January or schedule the surgery if he gets more than 2 ear infections between now and then. He was 24 lbs 8 oz at the doctors and just shy of 32 inches. He is still recieving OT and speech as well. His occupation therapist says he is doing SO well that when she does his reevaluation next month she thinks he'll be ready to not receive services. YAY! As for speech, he's learned quite a few signs and has an amazing comprehension vocabulary but he still has no words. Not even momma and dada. We'll continue working with him, he'll get it eventually.

Doug and I have been discussing what comes next for us once I graduate. What our plans for the immediate future are and the plans for the long term future. Our 2 options are to stay here in Florida, living with Linda for a while to give me time to gain experience in the field and give us time to pay off some of our debt. We would pick up a bill for Linda and ease some of the burden on her and it would still be extremely low cost for us. Our other option is to move to San Antonio, Texas with a friend who has offered to allow us to come live with her in her home and split the bills. The financial responsibilities would be more for sure but it would be a chance to experience somewhere different (ie get out of Florida) and also allow me the chance to learn a ton from our friend. I can transfer my nursing license out there and should be able to get a job releatively easily even with little experience. However the move would cost a good deal of money and would involve alot of work to move our children (and all the different doctors they need) out that way. I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons of the choices but feel lost. One of the big things that we're waiting to see is how we mesh with our friend on a daily basis. We shall see. she's coming for a visit next month and then we're going on vacation together for a week in December to Disney. I'm excited to see what's coming next for our family no matter what the next might be.