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Cheli On Thursday, January 17, 2008
I had my midwife appointment yesterday afternoon :)
I lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks :X putting me at -2 for the pregnancy :) I had some leukocytes in my urine and had a pretty nice amount of protein but she said that was probably because I was dehydrated a bit. I have NO idea how I am dehyrdated because I drank a ton yesterday.
My BP the first time she read it was 138/85! so we stopped talking and she took it again 119/67 :) Much better.
I'm measuring 34 weeks.
Journey is still head up @@ and his HB was wonderful. She wants me to start the breech tilt exercises now twice a day for the next 2 weeks then when I go in for my next appointment if he hasn't gone head down they will refer me to a Chiro, she gave me names of 2 in the local area to me and I'll call them tomorrow to see if they take my insurance and if not how much it would be OOP she said that both the chiros who do the Webster's technique in my are delivered babies with her so they'll know how important it is to me and probably be willing to make arrangements with me as far as payments. If at 37 weeks Journey still is breech she will send me to the back up OB at the hospital for a external inversion. And she said we'll see where we are at at that point.
I go back January 30th at 4pm for my last 2 week appointment! And then I start going weekly ;)